From high school course selection, formation of the college list, the application process, essay writing, evaluative interviews, to final selection, WEC guides students to develop their own voice and find the right fit.



Junior & Senior Planning
If one of your goals is to avoid feeling the time crunch of deadlines quickly approaching, let us guide you through the college application process with as little stress as possible. It’s never too late to take control of your education. This is the time when questions from the peanut gallery may start flying. “Are you doing any college visits this summer”, “What colleges are you applying to”? Rather than be caught off guard, be prepared to answer these questions with confidence as we outline step wise, what needs to be done to navigate through this journey. When it’s time to search for the right college fit, fill out applications, write essays and submit applications, WEC supports students as they take this big step into their next chapter.     

Freshman & Sophomore Planning
It’s never too early to start planning and preparing for the college process, but there is a fine line between too little and too much. We help our students strike the perfect balance, diminishing the anxiety around the college conversation too soon, and putting the student in a position to prepare and make deliberate choices about their high school years.  Our time with Freshman & Sophomores focus more on setting them up for an enjoyable high school experience that prepares them for the college admissions process. We cover course selection, involvement in activities outside of the classroom, finding the best place for emerging leadership within activities and the importance of developing key life skills such as time management and getting enough sleep.

Interview Planning
Interviewing is a skill that lasts far beyond the college experience; so let us prepare you to present your best self to the colleges you apply to. We assist students with reviewing common questions and developing key things about themselves that they may want to highlight during an interview. We conduct mock interviews and offer techniques, and tips that help our students deliver an interview that they are proud of.

Thinking about making a change? Transfer Planning
Many students find themselves looking for a different college experience and thinking about transferring. We can help students explore their options and advise them on the search and application process to find a better institutional fit.


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